Standing Committees 2015

Committee Members Purpose
Community Outreach
(Chair + Unlimited)
Adopt-A-Road: Verne Tocker

Sunshine:       Kristi McFarlan
Oversee planning of activities and ongoing projects that directly impact the well being and safety of the community
(Chair + 2 to 4)
Loren Bykerk
Tom DiCamillo
Verne Tocker
Assist the treasurer in overseeing financial reports and budgeting. Audit the financial records of the Treasurer. Research grants
(Chair + Unlimited)
Loren Bykerk Record and maintain a record of programs and events of the organization

Work to educate the community on the history of the Walker Area. Work with the community and other entities ro recognize and protect the historical sites located within the community and surrounding area
(Chair + 3)
  Organize membership drives, greet and introduce new members and/or guests at meetings, to monitor "sign in" sheets at functions and to provide reports to the membership.
(1 or 2)
Steve Nathenson One or two people to document the WCAA meetings, programs and functions. Provide webmaster with photos for posting on the WCAA web site.
Program -Activities
(Chair + 2)
Refreshment: Carla Keegan

Sundae Saturday: Carla Keegan
                          Bud Mellor

Oversee the long and short range monthly programs, special meetings and functions of the organization

Refreshment : provides refreshments for regularly scheduled meetings

Saturday Sundae: Organize and run the 3 events.
Carla Keegan

Set fundraising goals and plan fundraising activities for the organization.

Ad Hoc Committees

Committee Members Purpose
Budget Carla Keegan
Verne Tocker
Tom DiCamillo
Loren Bykerk
Establish & monitor the operating budget for the corporation.
(7 members)
Betsy Bykerk
Firewise Loren Bykerk
Tim Mcfarlan
Mark Keegan

Tom DiCamillo
Deanna Hannan
Perform Wildfire Risk Assessments. Administer Grant funds, Track Firewise activities. Firewise Renewal. Periodic reports. Work with various governmental agencies and the local fire department.
Grant Committee Loren Bykerk
Obtain funding for residential wildfire fuel reduction. Track and report results..