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The Walker Firewise Action Plan
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1/16/2011 - Walker/Potato Patch earns national recognition for wildfire preparedness
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Can Your Home Survive A Wildland Fire?
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What is Chip & Haul?
Walker Firewise was awarded a new fuels mitigation grant on December 5, 2016. The purpose of this grant is to provide financial assistance to homeowners interested in reducing wildfire fuel from their property and to create "Defensible Space" around their home.  As of June 2017, the funds of this particular grant have been exhausted. The prospect of future grant awards is uncertain at this time.

Unfortunately, funds from this type of grant can no longer be used to offset costs of our annual "Chip & Haul" program. All "Chip & Haul" programs must now be funded entirely from donations and other sources.
To help fund the Chip & Haul program, click here or
mail your donation to:
Walker Firewise, 5353 S. Walker Rd., Prescott, AZ 86303
View the grant particulars here
View the Walker Grant Admistration Plan here.
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